Holst Foods has throughout the years focused on quality. This applies to all stages in a delivery; from manufacturer abroad via our storage facilities, to our customers. We aim to guarantee the product’s safety from supplier to customer. To achieve this we visit our manufacturers, farms, distribution centers etc. All our suppliers are approved according to the EU’s veterinarian laws. In addition to this most of our manufacturers have licenses like BRC, HACCP, ISO, etc.

Our IK-Mat system(food and health control) has been developed in cooperation with an external consultant in addition to have been undergoing adjustments as a result of talks with local food and health officials. The system is under continuosly surveillance and frequently updated. Interventions are done on a quarterly basis, this too by external consultants.

As part of our internal audits we do compulsory tests of our tracking and retraction solutions. We also do internal audits of our storage facilities.

Our cooling and freezing facilites are approved by the EU veterinarian laws, and undergo frequent audits according to laws and regulations concerning meat and meat products.

Holst Foods has developed a system for tracking and retraction which gives us complete control of origin and where the products have been delivered. If any irregularity appears we can quickly determine where the delivery has been made.